How to Keep Your Patio Cool in Summer

Serene backyard oasis featuring a kidney-shaped pool, stone pavers, shaded seating areas under wooden pergolas, vibrant orange patio umbrellas, and a natural fence of dense trees and shrubs.

You have a beautiful stone or brick patio, but the summer sun is heating up the hardscape and making the whole area too warm to enjoy. You find yourself quickly retreating back indoors to cooler temperatures.

It’s time to find a solution. Luckily, there are several ways you can turn a scorching hot patio into a cool and relaxing oasis for you and your family. Let’s take a look at just some of your options.

Install Umbrellas or a Shade Cloth

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable option to provide a cooling effect right away, umbrellas and shade cloths can be a great option. They’re both very simple to install and can block the sun’s rays from reaching your patio and turning it into a scorching hot and unwelcoming location.

The biggest benefit to using an umbrella is that it can be moved or tilted to follow the sun’s path throughout the day. A shade cloth will not be adjustable and is better suited for a sun that is directly overhead.

Add a Misting System

This is by far one of the most effective ways to cool everything down, especially if there is a gentle breeze. Misting systems release a fog of water vapors which collect on your skin to improve evaporation.
Not only is the water nice and cool coming from the misting system, but a gentle breeze will also help instantly cool your skin. If there is no breeze, a nearby fan can provide plenty of airflow so you can enjoy your afternoon on the patio.

Install a Retractable Awning

Awnings are very versatile and can be built to a wide range of specifications. Whether you are looking for a short little awning to keep the overhead sun at bay, or you want a state of the art awning that can be adjusted at the push of a button as the sun moves, there is an awning solution for everyone.
Awnings can be found in two types; sun shades, and all-weather. Some will just protect you from the sun, but will allow air and rain to pass through. Others can be used in all types of weather and will allow you to continue enjoying your patio even during gentle rainstorms.

Construct a Pergola

Having a pergola constructed is a great option as well. These permanent structures not only add a new decorative aspect to your home, but can also be the start of a screened porch or sunroom when attached to your home.
A pergola is great for adding a layer of protection for outdoor furniture, and can also be a great place to hang potted plants, suncatchers, and other decorative accents.

Have a Pool Built

This option is by far the most advanced solution, and won’t work for every situation. However, having a pool near your patio can help collect and dissipate the heat from the sun. Not only that, but you’ll be able to hop in the pool to cool off anytime you want!
Additionally, having a pool is a great centerpiece for your backyard. It makes entertaining friends and family much more enjoyable. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to consider having a pool built, keep in mind that a nice in-ground pool increases the value of your home substantially.

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