Custom designed patios have become a very popular addition to many homes as of late. These spacious areas are great for a wide range of activities including entertaining, BBQ grilling, working out, and general entertaining.

Patios can be made in a number of different styles including traditional style, contemporary, or even designs with a more Mediterranean feel. You can also match your paver materials and style to the outdoor aesthetics of your home or property, such as coastal, forest, or industrial.

As designs have become more intricate and aesthetics have changed, many homeowners have leaned towards the large format pavers to get the stylish patio of their dreams.

Standard vs Large Format Pavers

Pavers can be found in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. Normally, standard size bricks in the rectangle shape would be used. Depending on the design and shape of the patio, half-pavers in a square shape could be used to finish off the brickwork.

In addition to these two more common options, large format pavers are also a popular option. Large format pavers generally mean paver stones measuring more than a square foot each, though they can be significantly larger than that. Large format paver stones are most often square, rectangular, or diamond-shaped, but many other options are also available. Large format pavers can be installed flush against each other or complemented with interesting infill options, like granite or turf.

Whether you want to create an entire patio for entertaining friends and family, or are looking for a footpath through your garden, a variety of large format pavers can be suitable. Installation on large format pavers is no different than standard sizes as well, giving you the chance to turn your patio into a DIY project or something you outsource to a professional installer.

Different Aesthetics Available

Large format pavers in standard square shapes can measure up to 24 by 24 inches, with custom sizes or shapes being very possible. They can be found in gray, brown, black, or white concrete colors. Some may have no texture, while others may have indentations that imitate bricks or smaller diamond shaped tiles.

Large format pavers offer a vast amount of versatility when it comes to the stonework and landscaping around your property. In fact, you can find pavers in shapes that offer crisp and clean lines to give your patio a postmodern look, or you can find natural and rugged slate that creates a fully natural style.

In addition to stone, you can also find large format pavers in wood and stylized tile aesthetics. Wood pavers are an outstanding option to consider for forest homes, as well as beach or coastal areas. On the other hand, the more stylized tile pavers can be a perfect addition to Mediterranean style homes or those with an Italian flair.

Wood and tile large format pavers can be found in sizes up to 18 by 36 inches rectangle, as well as the more standard 24 by 24 inches square. Special orders to obtain pavers in larger sizes or unique shapes is not difficult to find, giving you complete freedom when it comes to designing your very own outdoor patio space.