Although it’s strong and durable, your driveway won’t stay in pristine condition forever. It takes a lot of heat, rain, and weight! A tattered driveway not only reflects a grubby image but can affect the structural integrity of your property. It may cause injuries if someone trips or damage to your vehicles as well. Is it time for a driveway repair? If you notice any of the following, the answer is yes!
#1 Potholes
#2 Large Cracks
#3 Problems with drainage
#4 Discoloration and fading
It is vital to repair your driveway once it becomes damaged. However, choosing the right time for the repairs is imperative too. The factors you should consider before opting for a Sunnyvale, CA driveway repair include:


The number one thing to consider when scheduling your driveway repair is the weather. Typically, the golden rule is the warmer and dryer the weather, the better the outcome. There should be no rain for three or four days after the driveway is repaired. The best months to repair your driveway are usually the summer months, as long as you know there aren’t any big storm systems headed your way.


Temperature is another vital factor when it comes to choosing the best time for driveway repairs. Choosing optimal temperature also depends on the repair you are choosing. So, what temperature is right? Essentially, the temperature should not be too hot so that the asphalt doesn’t set in and it should not be too cold so that it may crack under pressure. Anytime from late spring to the end of summer or even beginning of fall here in California is considered the best time to get your driveway repaired. We most often have days that start in the low 60s and top out in the upper 70s this time of year, with very little rain. That’s perfect! In cold months when the temperature is not optimal, the only way to repair is by using cold asphalt so it’s possible but not recommended unless it is absolutely needed. This brings us to the last factor to consider…


You shouldn’t put off what needs to be done if there are safety issues. Obviously, there are times when it’s just not possible to wait for summer to repair your driveway. The bumps or the drainage can be so bad that it is recommended to repair the driveway right away. A professional will be able to tell you for sure if your specific situation requires the repair to happen immediately even if the temperature or weather is not ideal.
In the Sunnyvale, CA area, those trusted experts are at BBP Pavers. We offer numerous repair solutions depending on your driveway and how damaged it is. You can contact us by emailing or calling (925) 497-3321. When you reach out, you’ll speak to designers, not salespeople. We are fully licensed and insured, and we offer an amazing warranty on both our service and the new driveways pavers themselves. Your driveway will look exceptional if you go with BBP Pavers!