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Unlike landscapers who dabble in pavers, at BBP Pavers, all we do is install pavers. We believe in offering more in terms of design, installation quality and customer service. We know that when you choose a paver patio, driveway, or other feature, you’re making a long-term investment, and our final product needs to live up to, or exceed, your expectations. Discover what high-quality paver features we can offer you in San Ramon.


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Paver Driveways

Plain concrete and asphalt driveways aren’t just boring. They also crack, stain, and require a great deal of maintenance work. A paver driveway is a better option for so many reasons, including:

  • Strength: We use quality pavers that are stronger than concrete and less likely to crack.
  • Traction: Pavers have texture that provides your vehicle with traction and can help reduce the odds your vehicle is damaged.
  • Beauty: Pavers provide so much more interest and style than concrete. From sleek and modern to warm and Spanish-inspired, we can create any style for your driveway.
  • Stain-resistance: Pavers resist stains and are less likely to be discolored over time if they were installed correctly.
  • Simple repairs: Repairing broken pavers is as simple as popping out the old paver and inserting a new one. It’s much simpler than pouring concrete.

Paver Patios

The number one way to completely transform your backyard and make it more beautiful and practical is with a paver patio. From elegant and understated to huge, textured patios flanking your pool, there is a whole world of paver patios for you to explore. While designs and patterns are essentially endless, here are some of the design requests we tend to get:

  • Circular patios: We can achieve all kinds of curves with pavers. Even completely circular patios will look elegant and be simpler to install than if they were made of wood.
  • Modern stone: Do you crave that simple, monochrome look? We can achieve minimalist and modern gardens with smooth stones in a neutral color.
  • Rustic villa: Spanish-inspired styles are popular in San Ramon and may fit in with the rest of your home. We can create patios that enhance this style. Adding a matching retaining wall can really amp up this look.

Other Paver Features

We can install a wide variety of other paver features that can help enhance your yard or the front of your home, including:

  • Paver walkways
  • Paver firepits and fire features
  • Garden features
  • Paver retaining walls
  • Paver staircases

When you’re adding a paver feature, you’re typically getting rid of some of your lawn, which helps lower maintenance costs. We can help you lower them even further by installing synthetic lawn. It looks lush, never needs to be mowed or watered, and works well with paver installations of all kinds.

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