Can you believe September is here? Summer is over and the cooler weather is on it’s way. This makes it the perfect time to enjoy your backyard or other outdoor living space. The pool won’t be used for a little while. It’s firepit season!

You probably already know why a pool is fun. Can a fire pit be fun too? Yes! The following are our favorite reasons for adding an outdoor fire pit to your patio:

1. A Fire Pit Makes Your Patio or Backyard a Multi-Season Space

You live in California to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. While it lasts longer here than other places, summer doesn’t last year round in Concord. A fire pit will warm you up during those cool nights. You will want to place your fire pit in a common area on your patio and arrange chairs around the edges of your fire pit. Keep a few blankets on hand for those who get extra cold.

2. A Fire Pit Adds Ambiance to Your Outdoor Living Space

Want to feel like you’re at your favorite little bistro? Once your firepit is installed, you can also add little lights, candles, and other decor. The glow of a fire pit adds a visual warmth to your space. It makes staying “safer at home” more fun than going out into the crowds! You won’t miss going out at all.

3. A Fire Pit Provides Entertainment

Who would have known just looking at a fire gives you so much to talk about! From stoking the fire to watching logs burn, the simple act of keeping the flame lively can be a source of entertainment. It provides even more fun if you add in this last benefit…

4. A Fire Pit is a Great Cooking Tool

You can use your open flame to cook! This doesn’t mean you have to slow roast a pig or throw your cast iron on there, unless you’re an expert and want to of course. S’mores are a beloved treat by many. Even kids can participate. With a fire pit, making s’mores can become the main event for the night. A few sticks and marshmallows can make for a fun evening you don’t soon forget.

In order to enjoy all of the benefits of a backyard or patio firepit, you need your to be expertly built by professionals. Those in Concord, CA can call upon BBP Pavers! Contact us today by calling (925) 497-3321. We’ll go over a few details and then provide you with a free estimate. By the time the cold weather hits our area, you’ll have a fantastic firepit to make the season all the more enjoyable! With an outdoor fire pit you can enjoy your outdoor living area, even when it’s too cold to go swimming.