Deciding to build or remodel a patio is a really exciting idea! You’re about to turn your home from bland to beautiful, with the help of a few (or a lot!) brick pavers. It’s truly amazing the total change these pavers can create. If you need some help brainstorming ideas, here is what industry professionals recommend:

#1 Create a stairway.

Many backyard spaces are at a lower elevation than the house itself. If this describes your home, you’ll want to consider putting in some steps. This way, your beautiful patio space actually begins the second you step out of your backdoor, not once you stumble down a gentle slope. If your backyard has a serious hill to it, keep your concrete steps sloped and curved. Create a clean line before the steps switch materials to the flat pavers. Keep your pavers simple concrete squares, evenly spaced for a modern look, and placed evenly in a bed of gravel.

#2 Mix colors in a grid pattern.

One of the great things about pavers is that they come in so many different colors. Who says you have to choose just one? Pick out two or three colors and have the professional team laying down your pavers design them in a geometric grid pattern. It will make the whole patio pop!

#3 Think chocolate.

Chocolate pavers, that is! At one point, your backyard was a wild California desert. Chocolate pavers, which are very dark brown in color, look great next to the plants, trees, and flowers that are natural to this area. One funky take on this look is to have the pavers cut in inconsistent ways, not uniform, and space them out with dark gravel in between.

#4 Match your water and your pavers.

If your backyard area also includes a pool, hot tub, pond, or fountain, it will look exquisite to match your pavers to the blue hues. Keep the lines very sharp and clean, making sure each pavers is right up against the pavers surrounding it, for a modern, European look. For even more oomph, add a concrete water feature, low walls, and a surrounding garden.

#5 Create a Zen garden.

Laying down pavers is over the beginning! Design your new outdoor space with pavers set in a large circle, then surround that circle with lush plants and bushes native to Japan. The blue star creeper plant is one very popular option for achieving this look.

#5 Steal Ideas from Us.

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These ideas are here to get your brain thinking! Remember, your team for a beautiful patio is at BBP Pavers. Your finished product won’t be as beautiful as you imagine unless you have the top professionals laying your patio. For those in the Concord, Ca area- that is us! Call us at 1 (925) 497-3321 or email us to get started.

Holland brick colored travertine paver patio
firepit with retaining wall, travertine patio, and circular brick focal point