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Most people drive by the paver driveways in their neighborhood and feel a little envy. They look great and are absurdly durable. You might also feel a pang of jealousy walking into a neighbor’s back patio or looking at their garden’s elegant retaining wall. These are great features, but aren’t they frustrating to install, and don’t some projects fall apart quickly? You don’t have to worry about that when you work with BBP Pavers. Discover the company that makes great paver features that last for a long time, all while minimizing the stress of the project on you.


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Park Better on Pavers

Why add pavers to your driveway? You’ll be parking in style. With so many paver color, texture and pattern options, every paver driveway stands out from the crowd of concrete and asphalt in the neighbourhood. Not only do they look fantastic and add curb appeal to your property, you’ll park on them with peace of mind.

Paver driveways resist damage from the weight that larger vehicles might inflict. They also offer more traction, which is great to prevent slipping on steep driveways or allow vehicles to stop better on longer ones. Are you worried about doing an oil change in your own driveway? Pavers better resist stains and other damage. In the case that a paver does crack or stain, it is simple to remove the affected pavers and add new ones in.

Beautiful Paver Patios

Do you see a difference between the patios you see on Instagram and some you’ve seen in real life? Sometimes the answer is neglect, but, more often, the worse-off patios were installed by people who didn’t really know what they were doing–even if they were contractors. It takes skill and knowledge to install a patio so that it looks good and stays that way for many years. Here are BBP Pavers; we’re ICPI certified, which means we have advanced knowledge about how to install pavers properly.

We provide precision and reliability for your patio installation. You won’t end up with an uneven, warped, or weed-filled patio when you work with us. Instead, it will be a level, solid, consistent surface with just the elegant pattern that we picked out for it. Plus, with our incredible 30-year warranty on any new installation, you have the peace of mind you need that our patio will serve you well.

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The Paver Installation Process

We offer many other paver installations, including retaining walls and walkways. No matter which project you choose to do with us, large or small, we always focus on providing a stress-free and reassuring design and build process. That starts with really listening to your needs and what you want from your paver project. We focus in on your wants and needs when we guide you to choose materials and create a realistic 3D design that helps you see exactly what your installation will look like. We keep you updated through the build and deliver results that you can be proud of.

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