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It is tough for any exterior material to withstand the elements, but pavers are one of the best options. They are engineered to be tough and easy to repair, as well as beautiful and interesting. Pavers are one of the most reliable exterior landscaping materials and we can turn them into pretty patios, dazzling driveways, regal retaining walls and much more. Learn more about our offerings and why you should work with us below.


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Paver Patios Construction

When you take a look online it’s easy to find patios that look elegant and functional, and really add to the value of the space. But usually, you’re looking at a patio project that was just installed. What will that patio look like in two years, or ten? That all depends on the dedication and knowledge of the people who installed it.

Sure, you can find general contractors who will try to install a patio for you. But there is a lot of value in choosing dedicated paver experts, like the team at BBP Pavers. We have ICPI certification and in-depth knowledge of how pavers need to be built to be stable and beautiful for the long term. We offer not just manufacturer warranties but additional 30-year warranties on all of our new installations. We stand behind our work, so you can be confident you’re getting a high-quality paver patio.

Why Choose Paver Driveways?

You could have an asphalt or a concrete driveway, so why choose a paver driveway instead? Pavers offer many benefits over your other options, including:

  • Strength: Pavers can withstand incredible force and are stronger than concrete. If you will have heavy vehicles on your driveway, pavers are a worthwhile investment.
  • Beauty: From a beauty standpoint, pavers are clearly the better option. There is a huge variety of colors and textures available, and you can have any style pattern you like.
  • Repair: We can pull out individual pavers which get damaged or cracked and easily replace them. This is a much simpler and more affordable repair process than those for concrete or asphalt.
  • Safety: Pavers provide more grip and traction, which makes them safer to drive on. This is especially true for long or sloped driveways.
a paver driveway done by our pros
our team uses the latest in 3d design software for any landscape we do

3D Landscape Design

What will your paver project and the rest of your landscape look like when we’re done? It can be hard to give the go-ahead for your design when you aren’t confident you can visualize the end results. Our 3D design software can fix that for you. It can show you what your landscaping will look like in a full-realized image, not just as a top-down blue-print look. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re really walking through it. We’re happy to make changes until you’re happy with the design.

Work with BBP Pavers

We offer other landscaping services beyond patios and driveways, including retaining walls installation, walkway installation, synthetic lawn installation and dumpster rental. If you need a paver contractor in Oakland, reach out to us today.

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