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There are so many paver materials, colors, textures, and patterns that, even when you know you want a paver feature, it’s hard to envision it. We can help at BBP Pavers. We understand everything that goes into a quality paver project, from aesthetic value to a proper foundation. If you want an exceptionally well-crafted and beautiful paver patio, driveway, pathway, garden edging, or retaining wall, we can help. With our 3D planning, you’ll know exactly how the project looks before you install it, and with our reputation for quality you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in a few years.


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Why Choose a Paver Patio?

Paver patios make your backyard more attractive, functional and valuable. There are many reasons you might choose a paver patio, including:

  • You need more entertaining space.
  • You want to increase the value of your home.
  • You want a foundation for an outdoor kitchen.
  • You want to limit the amount of grass you need to maintain.
  • You want to fill in space between gardens or other features.

A paver patio is a highly practical option that can make any aesthetic or ambiance that you are looking for there are sleek and highly modern options, rustic and warm stones, and everything in between.

Durable Paver Driveways

Concrete and asphalt are basic driveway offerings, but many homeowners find that they struggle with them. Both materials stain easily from spills and debris. They crack, especially as the seasons change, and can be annoying to repair. Further, both are liable to damage from larger vehicles or other things you might want to place in your yard, whether it’s a moving truck, an RV, a temporary dumpster or a storage container.

If you’ve found yourself wishing for a driveway that’s more durable, choose pavers. Each paver is exceptionally strong, and in the unlikely event any crack, it is simple to replace it. That means it’s much safer to drive heavy vehicles on a paver driveway. Pavers are also sealed and highly resistant to spills as well as to weed growth. Another advantage of pavers is that they offer more traction and resistance to vehicles, helping them break easier.

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Your Other Hardscaping Options

Patios and driveways may be our most common projects, but they’re not everything. Many other elements of your property can be enhanced and protected with the right paver project. That includes:

  • Retaining walls: These walls help control erosion and also define the spaces in your yard. Plus, when made of pavers, they look quite elegant.
  • Walkways: Don’t settle for dirt pathways in your property. Add elegance, and make the surface more walkable and safer, by adding a paver path. When the walkways is the same material as your entrance stairs or patio, even better.
  • Firepits: Pavers are an excellent choice for classy firepits that have seating or other features connected to them.

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