Owning your own home comes with a lot of amazing things. You can build wealth by paying down a mortgage instead of just rent to someone else. You can fix it up and change it exactly how you like it. You can plan for the future, knowing you’ll be living here for a long time. You also have a lawn! Finally!

Your new yard is probably just a big grassy space, so you are looking to make it your own. From outdoor furniture to watering your lawn, there’s a lot that can go into creating a space you love. The experts at BBP Pavers are here to help! Let us bring beauty into your outdoor living area. Here are a few tips and pieces of experts advice that will make it easy to do just that:

Tip #1 Plant shrubs and flowers along the perimeter.

Trees or shrubbery are welcomed additions to any backyard, but you want a backyard not a forest. This means being strategic with your planting. Placing them along the perimeter or fence will add beauty to your backyard without taking up too much space. Any new plants should line the perimeter of your lawn to create a pleasant frame for your backyard activities.

Tip #2 Have a place for outdoor dining to host friends and family.

Having an outdoor dining area means you can take advantage of beautiful weather and a fantastic outdoor living space. This will probably first require building a patio if you don’t already have one. Experts can do this quite quickly and it will look fabulous. Then, get a grill and a dining set made to be outdoors. Be sure to decorate it up a bit, with lights and plants. You’re all set! When you invite your friends over to see the new house for the first time, they’ll be so impressed.

Tip #3 Strategically place stepping stones to avoid damaging the lawn with heavy foot traffic.

Since it’s your first yard, you may be a little nervous about placing stones or tiles down. Won’t that kill the grass? Well, yes- but less so than letting people walk wherever they want. Heavy foot traffic can damage lawns by stomping out growing grass and compacting soil. Call in the experts at BBP Pavers to strategically place stepping stones to create a path to frequented areas of your yard. A path from the patio to the hose or to your new seating area can save your grass from damage.

For help creating the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of, contact the Concord, CA backyard experts at BBP Pavers. We do more than just pavers! We can help with landscaping needs, building walls and walkways, putting in a fire pit, creating your ideal patio, and much more. Contact us now at (925) 497-3321 to get started creating your dream backyard!