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Paver Patios & Driveways in Hayward

Expertly designed & installed paver patios, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, and more in Hayward, California

Pavers are one of the most useful materials to transform your backyard into a more beautiful, practical and even historic space. Add function with walkways, beauty with retaining walls, and entertaining space with paver patios in Hayward. At BBP Pavers, we can make your new paver feature exceptional. Trust us for patio construction, paver driveways and more.

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In our opinion, pavers are the elegant, sturdy material that makes the best hardscaping features for your backyard. Your patio is like the foundation of the rest of your space, on which you can build. We can ensure that the installation of your patio is rigorous and will stand the test of time, no matter if you’re putting simple furniture on it or a whole outdoor kitchen. If you need a curved, circular, or irregularly shaped patio, we can help.

Pavers are made from a wide range of materials, including stone, concrete and clay. There is a seemingly endless array of options, from modern, smooth stones in neutral colors to those that are textured, vibrant, triangular, and made from rare materials. Just because your paver installation should be functional doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be gorgeous too, and our team excels at creating sophisticated designs that make your installation stand out.

In addition to purpose-made interlocking patio pavers, we can also work with other types of pavers, paving stones, brick pavers, flagstone, and more to create a truly unique custom patio.

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“We originally went with this company because of Moises’ hard work and responsiveness. He proved we were in good hands. However the team really was amazing! Moises and his team were not only responsive and professional, but they took our somewhat unique job and did a beautiful job. They adjusted and corrected along the way if/when a problem arose and got the whole job done in an impressive amount of time. 100% recommend”

– Erica K.

Why Have the Professionals Install Your Pavers?

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Sure, many people in Hayward take on a paver installation as a DIY project. Unfortunately, many of them get in over their head. You just can’t beat the precision and reliability that we provide as professionals. Many homeowners end up with dangerously uneven patios because they didn’t lay enough compacted base before installing the paver stones. Others seal the pavers too early, or don’t apply polymeric sand correctly and end up with a mess. Others still don’t effectively plan for drainage and end up with standing water and a warped surface.

It’ll take longer, cost more, and the results will be worse when you do it yourself.

Even if you take the time to do an excellent job on your DIY installation, there are some benefits that you’ll miss out on:

  • Our warranty: On top of the manufacturer’s warranty, we offer a 30-year warranty on all new installations.

  • Professional guidance: We are ICPI certified and have advanced paver knowledge that can guide you to make the best decisions.

  • Customer experience: We are five-star rated on review platforms and can make your paver experience simple and stress-free.


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Paver Driveways

Stronger and more beautiful than asphalt and concrete, paver driveways are an exceptional option for your home. They are resistant to cracks and staining, help prevent slips and skids, and offer many practical benefits to your home. Pavers can offer up to 10k PSI in tensile strength, which allows you to drive a moving van or an RV over them. Besides, they can be elegant and beautiful, with modern materials and intricate patterns.

At BBP Pavers, we can install an elegant and strong paver driveway for you, incorporating it with your entry stairs, walkways, and other landscaping features to make a great impression on the neighborhood.

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In addition to paver driveways and patios, we also install walkways, retaining walls, synthetic turf, and much more. Call now to schedule your on-site bid.

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