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Are you tired of looking at a plain, empty yard? Are you tired of the disjointed elements of your front yard? Pavers are the solution to create more function, beauty, and connection on your property. As a dedicated paver team, BBP Pavers has been installing on the highest quality paver patios, driveways, walkways and other paver projects. Since 2008, we’ve been the go-to company to reclaim your backyard or enhance your front yard. Discover why.


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Smart Paver Driveways

Why settle for pavement and concrete that will develop potholes and crack under the pressure of larger vehicles? Especially if you have multiple cars, live somewhere where people like to turn around on your driveway, or just don’t want to deal with driveway maintenance, a paver driveway is a smart option. Paver driveways are:

  • More durable than other driveway options
  • Provide more traction for your vehicle
  • More strength than concrete
  • Resistant to staining from spills
  • Less likely to be damaged by vehicles
  • Simpler to repair when damaged

Not to mention that paver driveways also add significant curb appeal to any property. This is especially true when you can connect the driveway pavers with those for your entryway stairs, or a path to the backyard.

Beautiful Paver Patios

The first thing you’ll notice about the paver patios you find on Instagram and other sites is that each is beautiful in its own unique way. Pavers allow you to have more creative expression in your patio project. If you’re overwhelmed by choice, we can help you find just the right pavers and pattern to match the ambiance of your space. If you know the exact look that you want for your pavers, we can help you reproduce it too.

paver patio installed by our professional team

Other Hardscaping

Pavers are exceptional material options for many other hardscaping projects, not just driveways and patios. With our fully-imagined 3D designs, you’ll always be able to see what your paver project will look like and how it will work with the other features in your yard. The other paver projects that we offer include:

  • Retaining walls: While very functional to prevent erosion, the right retaining wall can also be a beautiful asset on your property. Pavers are the best material to help you wall make a statement and protect the shape and slope of your yard.
  • Edging: Whether for a garden or a pool, edging helps the feature stand out and feel more cohesive with the rest of the yard at the same time. Paving, especially in natural stone, does wonders for both pools and gardens.
  • Firepits: For safety, firepits should be made of nonflammable materials and be several ffet from greenery. Pavers create a safe and beautiful fire feature, instead of leaving just a ring of dirt around your pit.
  • Walkways: Connect features and create safety with smooth paver walkways.
  • More: Haven’t heard what you’re looking for yet? BBP Pavers are paver experts who can help you create unique

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