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If your old concrete driveway is starting to show its age, consider replacing it with an attractive and long-lasting paver driveway. Our paver driveway projects use pavers that are stronger than concrete, protecting your driveway against cracks and staining. Our pavers are also naturally resistant against slipping and skidding, giving you extra protection against vehicular damage.

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When it comes to updating your driveway, you have a lot of options. Concrete, stamped concrete, asphalt, and overlay systems are popular choices for many driveways, but they come with their own drawbacks.

Asphalt driveways crack under minimal pressure, and can develop holes after only a few years. Concrete and stamped concrete driveways last longer, but still tend to crack over time, and stain easily.

Paver driveways, however, don’t have these issues. Pavers remain individual pieces of stone, even after the driveway is completed, which means that a heavy load won’t immediately crack half of your driveway. They also offer a very high tensile strength, up to 10k PSI, which allows them to easily accommodate moving trucks and RVs without issue.

Having your paver driveway installed by BBP pavers assures that, even in the unlikely event of discoloration or cracking, you’re still covered. Our jobs come with a 30 year warranty, and most of our paver manufacturers also provide additional warranties. To add an additional layer of protection, our installation crew is ICPI certified, so you can rest easy knowing that your job will be done right the first time.

Driveways & More

There’s no reason your project has to end with the driveway. Bundling together other installations into a larger project can save you time and money, leaving you with a gorgeous, cohesive yard.

We can incorporate:

  • Walkways

  • Retaining walls

  • Front patios

  • Lighting fixtures

  • And more

“BBP Pavers did an outstanding job replacing our driveway and a walkway with pavers.  I spoke to a couple of companies but went with BBP because they seemed to have good suggestions, M. Gilberto seemed like a good and honest man, never pushed to get things started before we were ready and always answered our questions.  BBP agreed to remove a couple of stumps we had where the other company wanted us to have them removed after  demo and BBP offered to start in a week, which was a huge help for us.

As agreed, the work began on time and was completed quickly, no more than a week.  All work was done well and they came back at my request to check and tighten the downspouts.  Workers were nice, respectful and answered questions during the process.  We were pleased with the installation of 3 inch PVC sleeves with covered popup’s under the pavers to support future irrigation or lights to any part of the property.  M. Gilberto was here every day to check on the progress and ensure things were smooth, which they were.  Communication was good throughout with the use of a group text including me, M. Gilberto and all others at BBP.”

– Ron H

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