It is no surprise that the patio is a favorite spot in summer and solely become less popular as the colder weather arrives. But, you can keep the patio busy by adding cozy elements that can make the space warmer and also bring new beauty and interest. Here are seven ways to make your patio cozier for the fall.

patio furniture1. Move Furniture

When you’re in the summer months, you probably spread your furniture out to make the most of your space. However, in the fall, it is a good idea to move the furniture closer together. This will help people feel cozier and retain warmth. You may have to move back tables or add smaller options for holding drinks to accomplish this.

pillows2. Add Blankets, Pillows

Fall-themed blankets and pillows are a great option to ensure that you and guests can always get a little warmer if need be. Offering multiple blankets is wise unless you think people will share. Drape fall blankets over the back of the furniture and add pillows to the sides. They will take up so much visual space that your furniture will feel like new!

patio gas burner3. Fire Features

When a blanket just isn’t adding enough warmth, you can try fire features to heat up the space. Some fire features are more decorative and add ambiance, which can be great if you’re not worried about the chill. If you are, a simple fire pit made with pavers is a great addition to any yard. Build it in the middle of your typical lounge area to add warmth. You’ll be able to use it next summer too!

4. Fall Accessories

There are plenty of other fall accessories that can add a bit of cozy atmosphere to your space. Any scroll through Instagram will show you plenty, but some of our favourites for this year include:

  • Pinecone fire starters
  • Cast iron firewood holders
  • Fall plants, like mums
  • Fallen leaf table settings

Choose fall accessories that can resist the weather if you’ll be putting them on the patio.

5. Swings and Lounges

Why not add all new furniture to your space for fall? Swings, bed swings, and chaise lounges are all good options to enable some fall cuddling. You might also add curtains or a ceiling through a pergola or trellis to make the space feel more private and also block some wind.

candles6. Lanterns and Candles

While they may not add much warmth, lanterns and candles are both good options to add light to make the patio more suitable for evening use as the sun starts to set later in the day. Just be careful to take safety precautions with real flames. If you have a lot of blankets and flammable items on your patio, the lanterns may be better as the glass protects the flame.

7. Fall Colors

Adding various items in fall colors is a sure way to change the ambiance in your yard. While summer may have left you with bold pastels, choose earthy and dark colors for your fall patio, like deep greens and browns sprinkled with pops of orange.