Rare is the dog who does not want to spend its day outside. Of course, you want your pet to live its best life, but sometimes the backyard isn’t up to the challenge. Whether your concern is how your pup handles the heat or how the grass handles their pee without turning brown, there are solutions that can make your backyard much more dog friendly.

1. Provide Shade and Water

First things first, your pup probably needs some help handling the intense heat outside. Make sure that there is a good source of shade in your yard, ideally, one that is available all day and especially from noon to mid-afternoon (the hottest part of the day.) Options for shade include:

  • Mature trees
  • Dog houses
  • Umbrellas
  • Well-placed fencing

Make sure your dog’s water source is always in the shade to prevent evaporation.

2. Add Enrichment Objects

Once your pup’s basic needs are met, it’s time to make the backyard more fun. Your dog can only spend so much time chasing squirrels and patrolling for birds. Consider adding objects your dog will love interacting with, such as:

  • Sand pit for digging in
  • Small pool for splashing
  • Sprinkler for water fun when you can’t watch
  • Agility objects if your dog knows them
  • Automatic fetch machine (you still have to supervise it)
  • Tunnels
  • Slides

Some enrichment objects can help protect your yard in ways you may not expect. For example, dogs who know they are allowed to dig in their sandpit will avoid digging in other spots. Dogs who enjoy running around may burn their excess energy on their agility items instead of in your garden.

3. Create a Dog Zone

What happens if your pet just can’t help but scratch up your grass or get their nose in your garden veggies? One option is to fence off a portion of your backyard just for the dog. Or, even placing their enrichment items, plus shelter and water, away from the areas you don’t want to be disturbed can help. If you’re home and nearby, you can also tie up your dog in their own zone, which can also help them psychologically understand which space is “theirs” even when they are not tied up.

4. Choose Pavers over Wood

Dog nails scratch wood, their pee can stain it, and cleaning poop off a deck isn’t exactly fun. Paver patios are a much more stable material that resists the wear and tear of a dog better. When possible, choose a paver patio over a wooden deck.

5. Add Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is the best way to keep your landscaping green even when your dog is relieving itself on it and running on it. Few grass species can stand up to the demands of an active dog, but quality synthetic turf can. Your dog can downright abuse the grass, and it will remain as green and long as when it was installed.

Plus, when you use synthetic turf, you also save yourself a lot of maintenance work.

If you need help adding these dog-friendly features to your backyard, your trusted landscape company can help.