Having a patio is a great way that you can entertain family and friends outside, or just have a retreat for yourself. But what if you don’t have the space or the budget for a large patio? Even with a small patio you can have a cozy space for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. Below are five tips that you can use to create a cozy place outdoors for you and your family.

Choose Cozy Furniture

Even if you have a smaller patio, you can always find furniture that is going to fit your space. Even if you have to use cushions rather than full sized chairs, you can always find something that will work. Pillows and cushions will add some extra soft and cozy touch to your patio. You can also buy an all-weather rug.

Put an Umbrella Up

If your space isn’t covered, then you will want to put up an umbrella to keep the sun off of you during the hot days. It will help with keeping you cooler and give a touch of style to the patio.

Decorate The Railing

Does your patio have a railing? This is a great way that you can make the space a bit cozier. Use some blankets outdoors to add a splash of color to it. Or put some string lights up to brighten up the space when you are sitting outside in the evening.

Hang Some Lanterns

It used to be that if you wanted to hang lanterns you would have to worry about open flames. But hanging lanterns now come with candles that are remote control. If you would rather not use string lights, or you want to give yourself another option in addition to the string lights mentioned above, lanterns are a great option.

Use a Rolling Cart

If your patio isn’t big enough to have a table, a good option is to add a rolling cart for drinks and snacks. This way you can serve your guests and family and you can roll the cart inside when it’s not in use. This way you don’t have to sacrifice space for portability. Whether it’s used for cocktails, lunch or just some favorite snacks, you’ll find that it’s getting a lot of use.

These are five tips that you can use to help your small patio to look and feel cozier. No matter what the size of your patio is, you are going to discover that there are things that you can do to make good use of the space that you have and create an oasis that you are going to love. Take these tips and see what you can do to make a difference in your patio.

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