3D landscape design created by our team

3D Landscape Design

Imagining what your landscape design will look like isn’t always easy. But you don’t have to. For all of our installation projects, we offer 3D landscape design at no extra charge. Even for visually skilled people, taking a look at a true 3D design of their space helps them understand how their new landscape will look and feel. We think everyone benefits from the peace of mind of seeing their design in 3D.

Before breaking ground on your next hardscape project, our team can draft the project and develop it as a fully imagined 3D design. This allows you to better visualize what your finished project will look like while also keeping our team on track every step of the way during the installation.

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What Kind of 3D Design Do You Offer?

You might be familiar with the kind of flat top-down landscape design plans that many companies offer. These plans do help you understand the spacing of different elements of your landscape, especially where the hardscaping will start and stop. But, if you’re like most people, it is challenging to look at that kind of top-down design and know what your landscape will look like when you’re actually walking through it.

We offer 3D design where your design looks almost like a photograph. You can see elements of your home and your whole landscape design as if you were standing in front of it. These highly detailed and accurate designs aren’t photo-perfect, but they do give you a much better sense of what you’ll be getting in your landscape. It’s the difference between looking at a blueprint of your home and looking at a picture of it.

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how a 3D design helps you better understand what will be built

How Does 3D Design Help You?

When you see a 3D design, you’ll be better prepared to assess if the design we’ve made really suits your needs and your tastes. Here is how a 3D design helps you:

  • Height: Sure, you know how tall an element will be. But seeing it, especially surrounded by the other elements with their own heights, really helps you understand the space.
  • Distance: How far away is the pool from the garden? You know it in numbers, but seeing it in a 3D design gives you a much better idea of what it feels like.
  • Overall impression: Spaces have character, and they impart emotion. It’s hard to get that from a simple blueprint but easier to feel when you see a 3D design.

What If I Don’t Like What I See?

Good! That means that you found out there is some element of your design that you didn’t like before it was installed. And that’s the best time to make changes. We’re dedicated to offering every client the landscape design of their dreams. So, if there is an element of your design that you don’t like, we are happy to fine-tune or even overhaul it for you.

Work with BBP Pavers on Your Landscape Installation

We do not currently offer 3D landscape design as a separate service from our installation services. However, if you’re interested in a landscape installation with us, and you’re curious about the 3D designs that we offer, you can always reach out to us with your questions.

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